Wednesday, 20 April 2011

imma bufday boy yesterday...

19 april...remember this...haha
my bufday CAKE.. :D

my mom said tht we will celebrating my bufday at the place i dunno yet..
but she told me only 3 of us(me,mom & dad)....
my mom said she will go first because she need to settle a thing...
so, i said ok..i'll wait u at home..dun 4get to fetch me..haha
then, my dad fetch me n brought me to pizza...
in my mind..(oh no!gemuk la ne..^^)..but then i just go bcoz this is my bufday..
when i arrived there...i saw them!...what a surprise...O.o

thanx to all of them!
 what can i say...makaseh mama n abah ^^
makaseh tomel, hadi, dini, musfirah n marfazley..
we have a great moment wif dini n hadi keep quarreling..hahaha
people may said...wah manjanya...=.=
n my respond...thnk god my parents loved me... :)

thnx 4 dis cute froggie..
   yay!...i got present from my pren...
dis is the cutest dustbin..haha
i'll not put any rubbish here...hehehe ^^

THE END....:D 


  1. mmg ngam jd 2nd post. ^_^
    u really should not put any rubbish in da froggie...>.<

    next time, tag me along. harharhar...xD

  2. 1st to comment c dino marinah. ehehehe

  3. cheers to dino...haha kiut jg tuh leo..'dino'
    cam dinosor plak...:D

  4. ahh.. sorry xdpt join long ! =..=

  5. oit~ haha..
    macamana la sy buleh tsasat jmpa blog bertuah ni..
    dush2, singgah2 la ke blog sy..haha

    Hepi belated birthday kio~

    p/s: haha, b'blog juga si kawan ni

  6.'s ok bha..

    dedetz:..haha tq2...b'blog bha sda ne..^^

  7. haha~~~ trus komen maaa....
    bgi support c galong!!

    hahaha...ngam kan galong..'dinosaur'...

  8. tambun kiut...ada blog...hehe!!!

  9. haha pek...tiba2 jak bh ne tpikir mw berblog..:D